sorry but a relationship where you forbid each other to talk to the opposite sex isn’t a relationship at all. love is about admiration not possession, we might live in a world where materialism is acceptable but people aren’t the same you can’t control someone like that

*sends this to all the couples at my school*

Anonymous asked:

I must say, however cannon it is or isn't, I disagree with the idea that the animatronics are possessed; the guy on the phone says they are on "free roam", a common AI function built into a lot of robots like Roombas and kids toys, so what if they were accidentally preloaded with a seed AI (one that is able to upgrade itself over time) instead of the regular AI? The animatronics could simply be sentient.

rebornica answered:

Yes but it’s one of Asimov’s rules of robotics

A robot must never harm a human being.

So I am pretty sure that no matter how much they develop their AI, it will still prevent them from hurting a human.

Now that gives people another reason to not dismantle the robots know that law. If they were haunted, the kids can definitely make them actually kill humans.

And also when the animatronics scream, the longer you hear it, the more it sounds like a child’s scream.

But this is just my headcanon.

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